Trapper Roderick

Trapper is the President of Roderick Builders and grew up in a Real Estate family. He has overseen the build of over 250 million dollars in luxury property across Utah & California. Trapper has a unique understanding into the intricacies of both building, construction, and design. His background in architecture gives Trapper a unique edge in the General Contracting world that not many can boast. Having been immersed in building from a young age, Trapper has a keen eye for detail and design, ensuring every project is not only aesthetically stunning, but functional and practical for his clients. Trapper has experience in everything from modern custom homes, to large remodels. Trapper employs a hands-on approach to his work, ensuring beautiful work that is built to last. His responsibilities include design and build planning, material choices, scheduling, business planning and team management.

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