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What an amazing building on such an iconic street. Throughout this whole project everyday was a joy looking out the windows at the beautiful scenery of Park city main st.

This project had many unique challenges due to the age of this building and the fact it was also in a historic district of park city.

Any micro change on the exterior required multiple people to approve it through park city building and through the historic department.

Working in tight spaces with busy traffic always adds an interesting experience to these jobs.

We all received dozens of parking tickets from staying late, But we also met a ton of great people who walked by daily and were able to see the progress.

After the renovation of this property the building is now working double what it was originally appraised for.

We added residential space to the basement and completely opened up the rest of the building. Every inch of this building is crawling with modern rustic mountain design and we couldn’t be happier to show it off to the community of park city.

“This is exactly the kind of renovation this city needs up and down the street.”

Park City Industrial Modern Style


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